Social Media Sucks

I hate social media

Now hold on for a second. Put down your pitchforks and let’s talk about this for a second. The internet, and more specifically social media, could have been an amazing thing but instead it is a cesspool for hate, misogyny, bullying, and the list goes on an on. Rather than being a forum for positive and insightful discussion, it has become (maybe it always was) a place where you can’t engage in a healthy debate without being put down for what you believe in. It seems like people have forgotten what the term “respectfully disagree” means.

Why belittle and put down someone that you disagree with when you could try to see things from a different perspective? You don’t have their life experiences so it makes complete sense that they might see things different from the way they do. That’s ok. If we all worked just a little bit harder to treat others with an ounce more compassion, the world might be a better place to live.

Earlier this month Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie online and got torn apart for it. Instead of people dismissing it and not giving it another thought, they proceeded to shame her for what she does in her own life. Whether or not you agree with the choice she made to share that image on the internet is 100% not your problem. You can feel free to live your life and make your own decisions because I guarantee you she’s having a great time living hers.

It’s not up to Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity to be a role model for your kids. If she feels proud enough of the way she looks that she can share that with the internet then who are you to criticize her for it? Stop telling other people how to live their lives when what they’re doing has no bearing on yours. She’s not breaking the law or hurting anyone in any way, so maybe spend your time doing something productive to society. You’re not impressing anybody by criticizing somebody you’ve never met for something that doesn’t impact you.

For some reason people think it’s fun to build others up and them tear them down. We put people on a pedestal and wait for them to stumble so we can kick it out from under them. Then the internet gathers around and ridicules them until something more fun comes along. It might help to know that every time you send that nasty tweet or message on Facebook, there’s an actual living person that reads that and feels terrible about themselves. Maybe you forgot about that. People aren’t indestructible

Social media can be a tool that helps us connect with people that we haven’t seen in a long time, or may never meet. Through it I’ve been able to stay in touch with both family and friends that moved to different countries around the world. I can communicate with them instantaneously and no other generation in human history has ever been able to do that so easily.

It could have been a place for user generated content to shine through and give people a chance to showcase their passions and beliefs without feeling scared of being ridiculed for being different. Then at some point companies created sponsored posts designed to market their products to a new demographic. Before you would have to seek out a product or brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. but now giant corporations pay money to have it shoved down consumers’ throats right on their timeline/newsfeed. The people that worked hard on their material got replaced by big businesses creating ads that overshadow what the individual is doing. Just like everything else it became about money.It always does in the end.

For a community that prides itself on being inclusive of everybody the web can be a nasty place to spend your time. It should have been something that helped bring the world closer together and instead we use it as a way to make people feel small and insignificant.

Shame on us.

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Author: Jared Clarkson

I'm a graduate of the Journalism Broadcast program at Sheridan College.

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